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Under article 13 of the By-Laws, the Company’s management is entrusted to a Board of Directors consisting of between 5 and 9 Directors, as decided by the Shareholders' Meeting which appoints them. The members of the Board of Directors hold office for a maximum three financial periods and may be reappointed; article 13 of the Snam Rete Gas By-Laws requires board members to be voted from lists.

At present, the Board of Directors, appointed by the Shareholders’Meeting of 26 March 2013, is composed of 9** members whose term of office will expire until the Shareholders' Meeting to be held to approve the Financial Statements as of 31 December 2015.

The members of the Board of Directors are:


Name and surname
Chairman Lorenzo Bini Smaghi icona_pdf 
Chief Executive Officer Carlo Malacarne icona_pdf 
Director Sabrina Bruno * icona_pdf  
Director Alberto Clô   * icona_pdf 
Director Francesco Gori * icona_pdf 
Director Yunpeng He ** icona_pdf 
Director Andrea Novelli icona_pdf 
Director Elisabetta Oliveri * icona_pdf 
Director Pia Saraceno * icona_pdf 

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Carlo Malacarne, Alberto Clô, Andrea Novelli and Pia Saraceno have been appointed from the list presented by shareholder CdP Reti S.p.A.

Sabrina Bruno, Francesco Gori and  Elisabetta Oliveri were appointed from the list jointly presented by the minority shareholders.

The members of the Board of Directors carry out their work at the company's legal offices in San Donato Milanese (MI), Piazza Santa Barbara, 7

* Indipendent director

** Yunpeng He has been appointed by the Board of Directors on January 26, 2015, upon designation of CDP RETI, to replace Roberta Melfa who resigned on November 18, 2014. He will be in charge until the next Shareholders’ meeting.



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