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(product of the number of shares outstanding multiplied by official share price)


Demerger Italgas
November 2016



Share capital evolution main events as at December 2017

Date Share capital (Euro) No. of Shares (Ordinary Shares only)
7/11/2016 2,735,670,475.56 3,500,638,294

The €961,181,518.44 reduction is due to the effects of the partial and proportional spin-off of Snam S.p.A. in favour of Italgas S.p.A., through the allocation of 52.90% of the equity investment held by Snam S.p.A. in Italgas Reti S.p.A.

Press release 8/11/2016

22/12/2014 3,696,851,994.00 3,500,638,294

Composition of the share capital following the implementation of the share capital increase approved by the Board of Directors of Snam on December 17, 2014, in exchange for the contribution to Snam of the stake held by CDP GAS S.r.l. in Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH occurred on December 19, 2014.
The power to the Board of Directors to execute the share capital increase has been conferred to the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of December 10, 2014 which resolved an increase of the share capital for a maximum amount of € 505,000,000.00, including the share premium, with the exclusion of pre-emption rights pursuant to Article 2441, paragraph 4 of the Italian Civil Code, by means of the issuance of up to 119 million ordinary shares without face value and with regular dividend rights, to be paid in through the contribution in kind of the interest held by CDP GAS S.r.l. in Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH to be undertaken no later than 31 March 2015.

Press release 19/12/2014

Press release 17/12/2014

Press release 10/12/2014

7/8/2012 3,571,187,994.00 3,381,638,294

Share Capital* following the resolution of the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of July 30, 2012 to eliminate, pursuant to Articles 2328 and 2346 of the Italian Civil Code, the indication of the nominal value of the ordinary shares that make up the share capital, equal to €1.00,  leaving the nominal value of said shares unstated and to cancel 189,549,700 treasury shares with no nominal value, maintaining the share capital unchanged.

Press release 23/4/2009

8/6/2009 3,570,768,494.00 3,570,768,494

Capital resulting from the capital increase with pre-emptive rights, approved by the Board of Directors on 23 March 2009 and 23 April 2009, based on the powers conferred by the Extraordinary Meeting of 17 March 2009. The previous share capital amounted to euro 1,956,476,100.00 *, while the increase in the share capitale amounted to euro 1,614,292,394.00. The operation was aimed at the partial financing of the acquisition by Eni SpA of the entire stake in Italgas SpA and Stogit S.p.A.

Press release 23/4/2009

Press release 23/3/2009

Press release 17/3/2009

6/12/2001 1,955,000,000.00 1,955,000,000

Share Capital at the listing on the Italian stock exchange managed by Italian Stock Exhange. The nominal value of the shares is equal to 1 euro each.

Press release 6/12/01 (Italian Version)

*It is noted that the differences with the capital previously represented is due to capital increases following the exercise of stock options related to the stock option plan finished July 28, 2012

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