Increased investments

Snam has envisaged an increase in investments to € 5.2 billion for the 2017-2021 period (vs € 4.7 billion of the plan’s presented in March 2017): € 4.6 bn are related to the transportation network and € 0.6 bn are related to storage and regasification. The Plan also provides for investments of approximately € 360 mln to increase energy efficiency and reduce Snam’s emissions.The investment strategy is mainly focused on the development of Italian infrastructure and its interconnection with European infrastructure.


billion euro

2017-21 investment period


billion euro

transport investments


billion euro

storage and regasification investments

The main management guidelines provide for organic growth in Italy and the consolidation of the Company’s presence in Europe, with the objective of improving supply security, flexibility and the quality of service of the entire gas system:

transport: investments aimed at increasing the flexibility and security of the transportation system in Italy; ongoing improvements to the quality of the service; increasing levels of interconnection between infrastructures and greater flexibility of gas flows in Europe; over the period in question, the planned investments should allow the Company to extend the total length of the transportation network (32,500 km in 2017) by around 2% and to increase the installed power in the compression stations by around 5% (922 MW in 2017)
storage and LNG: projects intended to improve the system's overall security and flexibility, allowing an increase in the period in question of approximately 4% of the available storage capacity (12.2 billion standard cubic metres in 2017) and approximately 2% of delivery point capacity (250 million standard cubic metres/day in 2017)
construction of refuelling stations for natural gas vehicles, with the goal of increasing the number of existing methane service stations, to improve the quality of the service and to ensure a more balanced distribution of the stations


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Capex 2017-2021
Transport & CNG

€ 4.6 bn (+10% vs previous target)


Capex 2017-2021
Storage & regass

€ 0.6bn (+10% vs previous target)





Snam pursues a sustainable model of growth, in order to create value through these main strategic drivers: selective portfolio management, operational and financial efficiency, new services asset-light, attractive returns.



Integration of the continental networks is a key-element in the development perspectives of the Company. In this regard, Snam signed strategic partnerships with the biggest operators in the sector along the main continental energy corridors, becoming one of Europe’s leading gas infrastructure operator.



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