Snam: reasons for investments

Snam: a strong company with a unique proposition


- A European leader in gas infrastructure. Owner, operator and developer of Europe’s largest pipeline network (32,625 km), interconnected with highest number of sources; EU largest storage capacity (16.9 bcm). High quality relationship and constructive dialogue with Regulatory Bodies.

- Excellence in project execution. Proven capabilities in project planning, management and construction. Impressive track record in delivering on time and on budget every year.

- Industry leading capital deployment. Disciplined approach to capital deployment: analyzing its investments pays particular attention to maintain financial efficiency and to a prudent balance sheet management. Snam is willing to invest €5.7 bn, in the period 2018-2022, for organic growth.

Snam has been committed to transforming Italy into a gas hub for Europe, in order to increase the security of supplies, the diversity of sources and the liquidity of the gas system. The company's international development is also focused on this, aiming to extract further value from the Italian assets through their interconnection with infrastructures abroad.

The company operates in regulated businesses whose regulatory periods have a duration of 4 years and provides its shareholders with long-term visibility on results and a low risk profile.

DIVIDEND PER SHARE (€ cent - for the period)

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