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Investor Relations

icona Third Quarter of 2017
7 November 2017

7 November of 2017

On Tuesday, November 7th, at 3:00 PM CEST the Top Management presents to financial community the 2017 3Q results.

  • - Total revenue: €1,896 million
  • - EBIT: €1,063 million
  • - Net profit: €755 million
  • - Technical investments: €683 million
  • - Free Cash Flow: €818 million

icona Full-Year 2016 Results and 2017-2021 Plan Update
Full-Year 2016 Results and 2017-2020 Plan Update

07 March 2017

Marco Alverà, Snam CEO, and Alessandra Pasini, Snam CFO, present the 2016 consolidated and draft financial statements of the parent company 2016 and 2017-2021 plan.

Gas flows from Russia to resume by midnight

With reference to the event this morning at a stretch of the Austrian network managed by the operator Gas Connect, Snam confirms that Austrian authorities have authorized the resumption of gas transportation operations.

Snam Rete Gas: allowed revenues for 2018 approved

The Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water, with resolution no. 757/2017/R/gas, has approved the allowed revenues of year 2018 for the transport, dispatching and metering businesses, which have been set at 1,947 million euro.

Marco Alverà presents the Global Gas Report at the Italian Embassy in London

The fourteenth event of the Triple I series (Italian Imaginative Innovators) took place today at the Italian Embassy in London. Promoted by the Italian Embassy, the initiative began last year and features a series of regular conversations with successful Italian entrepreneurs and executives to tell stories about excellent Italian entrepreneurship to the London financial community.

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