"Infrastructure and Nature" are the key-subjects of the 2014 Snam Artistic Calendar. Created by Steph Marshall, it describes in a simple, playful and direct manner Snam’s networking ability which is inspired by Nature. In facts, just like Nature, Snam:

  • is a highly complex system, which is often hidden into the ground as part of the environment;
  • acts for growth with a long-term perspective;
  • it goes beyond physical and geographical borders by integrating different cultures;
  • develops solutions combining different situations and values by taking care of the territory in which it operates.
The twelve drawing boards and the customized cover focus on topics such as integration, environmental protection and development in a European perspective, while telling the four businesses of the Group (regasification, transportation, storage and distribution) and their integration with the territories, values and people.

The illustrator


Steph Marshal is a freelancer illustrator, with a particular interest in illustrated maps. She has worked on numerous private commissions for clients based in the U.K. and Hong Kong, as well as producing work for international clients Nurant magazine and SNAM.

The calendar


Watch the entire calendar and display the version in pdf format.

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