Cooperation among Mediterranean gas infrastructure operators to start

Cooperation among Mediterranean gas transmission system operators to start

Milan, 7 February 2018 - Natural gas infrastructure operators from 12 Mediterranean countries have met up for the first time to start a dialogue on the sector and its development prospects in the region.

The meeting, held in Milan, has started a cooperation process aimed at increasing infrastructure development in an area of growing strategic importance for the security of supply and due to gas’ fundamental role in the decarbonisation and competitiveness of energy systems.

“Gas infrastructure operators of the Mediterranean area have started to pursue the establishment of a cooperation framework to promote the development of the gas infrastructure industry in the region”, the companies said in a joint statement.

Together with Snam (Italy), which opened the meeting with a speech by Chairman Carlo Malacarne, the following took part to the meeting: representatives of DEFA (Cyprus), DESFA (Greece), EMPL-METRAGAZ (Morocco), Enagas (Spain), GRTgaz (France), INGL (Israel), Jordanian Egyptian Fajr (Jordan), Plinacro (Croatia), Plinovodi (Slovenia), REN (Portugal) and The Energy and Water Agency - Government of Malta (Malta).

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