ACER-CEER monitoring, gas prices calculated in Europe

“The wholesale market improves in terms of hub operation and convergence of prices”< /strong>

20171010_1.jpg Gas prices are going down in Europe. This reads the monitoring report of ACER and CEER, according to which the gas wholesale market “is improving in terms of operation of hubs and convergence of prices,” although “there are still significant barriers in some member states, especially in Southeastern Europe that negatively influence the market operation and liquidity.”
In 2016, underlines the report, the downward trend in the gas wholesale market continued, and its benefits were observed last year also in the bills of end consumers.
In the two-month period of November-December 2016, the ACER-CEER report indicates that the power component in the Italian bill accounted for 36%, similarly as in France, and it was higher than in Holland (35%) and the Scandinavian countries (from 27% to 29%).
The tax burden in the gas bill in Italy is 22%, which is the third result after Denmark (38%) and Holland (31%), whereas that for transmission and distribution charges amounts to 28% (in this case the Apennine Peninsula is in the middle of the ranking headed by Lithuania, France and Spain with 43%, 41% and 39% respectively).
Considering the European average from 2012 to 2016, the report shows a general fall in the power component from 56% to 50%.

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