TAP, “Greece has laid down more than 50% of the conduit”

Statement of the Country Manager Katerina Papalexandri

20171010_3.jpg More than 50% of the tubes that will constitute the Greek segment of TAP have already been laid down. Country Manager of TAP in Greece, Katerina Papalexandri, stated that underlining that the work progress “is fully in line with the time schedules in the three prefectures of northern Greece on the pipeline route.”
In particular, specified Papalexandri, a year and a half after the works started there was prepared the land for 441 km (more than 80% of the segment’s length) and 276 km of conduits were laid down (180 km already covered).
Moreover, the Country Manager insisted on the “critical importance of cooperation between TAP and local communities” of Greece, “not only within the project implementation, but also in terms of designing and adoption of the social and environmental investment programme worth 32 million euros voluntarily undertaken by TAP.”

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