France, electricity and gas TSOs create a common platform

TIGF (Snam), GRTgaz and RTE provide data on production, consumption and storage. Meanwhile, first methane refueling station on a highway rolled out

2171011_1.jpg The number of power transmission operators involved in the French platform “OpenData Réseaux Energie” increases to three. Gas TSO TIGF, a subsidy of Snam with a 40.5% stake, has actually announced to have adhered to the initiative last April by electricity TSO RTE and that of gas GRTgaz to integrate and publicly divulge in a standard format the data on production, consumption and storage at national and local level.
The platform, also joined by French association for methane intended for transportation (AFGNV), aims at local communities, public administration, businesses, research centers as well as general public in order to facilitate elaboration of energy policies, explains a brief.
It is also worth mentioning that in the meantime, the first methane refueling station on French highways has been inaugurated by Primagaz and Avia. The plant located on the A20, opened for the public on October 5, at the gasoline station of Beaune les Mines (near Limoges), marks launching of a development plan providing that both companies shall build other 20 CNG stations on the French major roads by 2020.

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11 October 2017 - 16:00 CEST