TAP, the Consultation rejects the action brought by Apulia

At the same time, the Commissioner of Brindisi approves of passing of the Snam interconnector across the commune territory

20171010_2.jpg “The action that the Region of Apulia brought against the State concerning the procedure of granting a permit to constructing TAP has been deemed inadmissible according to the Constitutional Court.” The Consultation announced this on Tuesday, specifying in a brief that “as a consequence of such a decision, the validity of the provision authorizing the gas pipeline construction remains confirmed.”
Apulia presented the complaint against the “conflicting responsibilities,” in the scope of permit granting for TAP released by the MoED, last year.
In the same time, in the permit granting process, TAP has marked another step ahead in that the passage of the interconnector to the Snam network through the territory of the Commune of Brindisi was approved, pursuant to the resolution of October 6 of the Commissioner of the Prefecture of Apulia’s main city, Santi Giuffrè. The nod, reads the resolution, was given after the relevant act was published in the Pretore’s Register from July 26 to August 15 without receiving any "comments or objections."

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11 October 2017 - 16:02 CEST