Energy efficiency, Enea’s roadshow gets underway

Starting with Bolzano. 50 events in 10 municipalities planned: more than 4 million of potential recipients

20171012_1.jpg Tomorrow in Bolzano begins a mobile information campaign "Energy Efficiency on the Road" of Enea, which will involve more than 4 million of potential recipients in 10 municipalities representing different territorial situations in Italy. The declared goal of the first roadshow dedicated to efficiency, structured in 5 initiatives per stop-over encompassing a total of 50 events, is to "make citizens, businesses and public administration aware of the opportunities and benefits of a sector where in 2016 alone the investments related to ecobonus amounted to 3.3 billion euros, there were conducted more than 15,000 energy check-ups and which marked a 300% growth in the applications for incentives within the 'Thermal Account' intended for efficiency measures of the local PA."
The initiative, explains President of Enea Federico Testa, "aims to contribute to the dissemination of best practices to reduce consumption, to be more ecofriendly and competitive, save on the bills and foster an important supply chain for our country. Efficiency goes far beyond the ecobonus and as the National Agency of Energy Efficiency we would like to reinforce this awareness."

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12 October 2017 - 15:54 CEST