Sustainable mobility, EU funds of €1 bln

6 projects worth €67 M financed in Italy. Other €350 M to come

20171201_1.jpg On Thursday, the European Commission approved 39 projects of the transportation sector, which will receive the EU financing from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme worth more than 1 billion euros.
A larger part of the funds, which from now until 2030 will generate public and private investments totaling 4.5 billion euros, has been assigned to the railway infrastructure (€719.5 M), decarbonization of road transportation (€99.6 M), ports (€78.9 M) and inland waterway shipping (€44.7 M).
In Italy, 6 projects have received financing amounting to €66.6 M and entailing overall investments of €251.4 M. The financed initiatives include Gainn4Sea (CEF funds of €14.3 M) and Gainn4Mid (€2.6 M) for the LNG development in maritime and inland transportation, as well as the enhancement of infrastructure in the port of Ravenna (€37.4 M).
An initiative in the area of LNG for transportation worth mentioning is LNG Rollout for distribution of liquefied gas in transportation Central Europe (CEF funds of €3.3 M vs. investments of €16.3 M).
Further funds of €350 M will come next year from through the “CEF Blending” call dedicated to infrastructure for alternative vehicles. The deadline to submit projects is April 12, 2018.


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