France, TIGF 100% renewable

Snam’s subsidiary signs agreement for supplies of electricity from RES

20171201_3.jpg TIGF will consume electricity consumed produced only from renewable sources. This is provided for by an agreement between French gas TSO, a subsidiary of Snam with a 40.5%-stake and EDF. On its basis TIGF will receive electric power generated from 100% renewable sources certified by the French system of “guarantees of origin” operated by Powernext.
“Through this agreement we have chosen an option that allows us to benefit from the guarantees of origin, responding directly to our programme BE Positif,” explained in a message Finance and Acquisition Manager at TIGF, Roberto Zingoni, reminding that BE Positif, an integral part of the company’s industrial plan, has the aim to achieve a zero “environmental footprint” by 2020 and a positive one as of 2025.

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01 December 2017 - 15:47 CET