Gas, France and Belgium launch virtual interconnection

Bundled capacity products offered on Prisma

20171201_2.jpg On Friday Fluxys Belgium and GRTgaz launched the first virtual interconnection point in Northwest Europe, which allows the shippers to manage their gas flows by booking and nominating capacity on the new platform Virtualys instead of using physical points between both countries (Alveringem, Blaregnies Troll and Blaregnies Segeo for Fluxys Belgium and Alveringem and Taisnières H for GRTgaz).
The switch-over to Virtualys (from the name of the river Lys that crosses Belgium and France) will be simple, ensure the two TSOs in a message. The capacity (offered with bundled products on Prisma) and the tariffs actually remain the same and no changes to existing contracts are required.
The virtual interconnection points shall be introduced in the entire EU by November 1, 2018 pursuant to the new European Network Code for Capacity Allocation Mechanisms (CAM), which became operational last March.

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04 December 2017 - 17:33 CET