PEGAS, record gas trading for PSV

In November Italian futures totaling 6.3 TWh traded on the European platform

20171205_1.jpg PSV registers record gas volumes traded at PEGAS. The platform operated by EEX actually announced on Monday that in November the futures segment of the PSV market area reached 6.3 TWh outstripping the previous record high of 6 TWh reported last August.
The data of the virtual trading point of Snam Rete Gas derives from trading of physical volumes of 6,276,840 MWh (973,080 MWh in November 2016) and the financial ones of 7,440 MWh (349,440 MWh).
Overall, last month the volumes traded on PEGAS were 194.6 TWh of gas (+34% compared to November 2016), of which 74.3 TWh on the spot market (+19%) and 120.3 TWh on that of derivatives (+46%).
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05 December 2017 - 16:44 CET