Anti-dumping, the new EU regulations approved

In force as of December 20. New limits for environment and energy costs

20171205_2.jpg On Monday the European Council has gave the final approval for the regulation with the new EU anti-dumping provisions, which will be published in the Official Journal on December 19 and will become operational the following day.
The regulation, approved by the Europarliament on November 15, sets forth, in particular the Commission’s monitoring of rules and conditions applicable in the exporting countries, on the basis of which the EU businesses will be able to submit complaints free of charge and without any additional proof in case of dumping. Small- and middle-sized enterprises will be assisted in the management of complaints and all the parties concerned will be able to contribute to the decisions regarding the measures of trade defense.
It is worth highlighting that the provision includes social and environmental dumping among the factors to be taken into consideration in the assessment of anti-dumping measures. The “ significant distortions” that may trigger the EU anti-dumping measures, the regulation mentions, among others, the case in which “the prices or declared costs, including the costs of raw materials and energy are the result of the free market forces.”
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