MoE, 2017 report on SEA implementation

Procedures completed at state, regional and local level

20171205_3.jpg The Ministry of the Environment has published a Report of 2017 on implementation of SEA in Italy that encompasses and examines the SEA procedures completed in 2016 at state, regional and local level.
The report provides an overview of the state of implementation of SEA in our country in order to document a gradual process of integration of the sustainable document strategies into the plans and programmes, underlines a message.
The analysis of 2016, prepared by the Ministry’s General Directorate for Environmental Assessments, basically in line with that of the previous year. It reveals that the figures regarding the activity of assessment remain basically steady which in the case of the regional and province level is due to the activities of revision and update conducted periodically on planning instruments. As for the local level in turn the regular update of urban-planning instruments is by far the prevailing field of application of SEA procedures.

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