Lombardy, Region and Iper for clean fuels development

Methane refueling stations and charging columns at points of sale

20171205_3.jpg On Tuesday the Region of Lombardy and Iper Montebello signed an agreement for the development of distribution network aimed at supporting sustainable mobility and reducing air pollution. The convention, stipulated by Regional Councilors Mauro Parolini (Economic Development) and Claudia Terzi (Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development) with Director for Strategic Projects and Services at Iper Christophe Guiniot, provides for building of new methane refueling stations and infrastructure for charging of electric vehicles at the points of sale in Magenta (Milan) and Seriate (Bergamo).
The Region, specifies a message, commits itself to provide an adequate technical and administrative support to the works that Iper shall complete within sufficient time to ensure bringing them into service by 2019.
The protocol also sets forth the possibility to extend similar activities to other company’s facilities in Lombardy, beginning with those dispensing between 5 and 10 million liters a year.

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