Mobility, -0.3% average CO2 emissions from cars sold in Italy in 2017

Alternative power feeding accounts for 11.7% of the market: European record
20180109_1.jpgThe average CO2 emissions of new cars sold in Italy in 2017 dropped by 0.3% compared to 2016. ANFIA (Associazione Nazionale fra Industrie Automobilistiche, National Association of the Automobile Industry) informs about it underlining that according to the data processed by the Ministry of Transportation, the average of CO2 emissions for the past year is 112.6 g/km.
The number of registered vehicles with the average emissions within the range from 0 to 95 g/km, the association points out, diminished by one point versus 2016, in favor of the cars comprised within the range between 96 and 120 g/km. In turn the number of cars with the emissions exceeding 120 g/km remained unchanged.
However, ANFIA notes that the annual fall in the average emissions both in Italy and EU “is slowing down dramatically, making it much more difficult to accomplish the European targets.”
The Peninsula can yet comfort itself with the leading position in Europe on the market of vehicles with alternative power feeding which last year accounted for 11.7% of registrations. The association highlights that “these results, obtained through the development of gas engines, allowed our country to have a fleet of more than 911 thousand methane- and 2.2 M LPG-fueled cars (data from 2016).”


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