Non-PV RES incentives, counter at 5.122 bln euros

The GSE’s update as at November 30
20180109_3.jpgOn November 30 last year, the counter of non-photovoltaic renewable sources indicated the average approximate cost of 5.122 bln euros. The update of the GSE’s (state-owned company which manages renewable energy incentives, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) as at November 30 shows a drop marked by the counter (-€57 M), mainly due to the signals of the rise in the energy prices as well as the update on the production capacity of some classes of plants and the expiry of the incentive period for plants with incentive rates ex-CV and CIP6.
The counter encompasses the incentive charges regarding the CIP 6 plants (renewable quota), the incentive replacing the Green Certificates and the All-inclusive Tariffs (MD 18/12/2008), the plants supported through the Energy Counter for the thermodynamic solar power and those that operate pursuant to the MD 6/7/2012 and the MD 23/6/2016 (non-photovoltaic RES).

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