LNG for ships, Port of Naples to issue a call

On January 26, the call for expressions of interest for “large industrial groups of the sector”

20180110_1.jpgOn January 26, 2018 the Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea will issue the call for expressions of interest on building an LNG bunkering facility at the Port of Naples. President of the Authority, Pietro Spirito, announced this explaining that in this manner “we will hear from the businesses interested in the completion of this private investment and next, we will issue a call for bids.”
The call for expressions of interest, drawn up on the basis of a pre-feasibility study elaborated by the Authority in cooperation with the University of Campania, “will determine the scope of discussion to be held in a joint meeting with the entities concerned, the features of the next call for proposals that will be released by the Authority,” specifies a message. “For the strategic importance of the initiative,” there will be considered the expressions of interest “ submitted by large industrial groups of the sector, which will also have to show if they are allied with local businesses, in order to ensure, on the one hand, industrial and financial solidity, and on the other. the capacity for closeness and market management.”

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