Industry 4.0, decree on highly specialized centers in place

The regulation defining modes of establishment and forms of financing

20180111_1.jpgIn the Official Journal no. 6 of January 9 was published the regulation on modes of establishment and forms of financing of highly specialized centers of expertise, in the framework of action relating to the National Plan Industry 4.0 set forth in the Budget Law of 2016.
The document, adopted with the decree no. 214 of September 12 issued by the MoED, in agreement with the MoEF, specifies the modes of establishment and the forms of financing, of the limit of 20 million euros for 2017 and 10 million euros for 2018, of highly specialized centers of expertise.
Moreover, the MoED has published on its website the managerial decree of December 22, 2017 which provides for guidelines, criteria and indicators for certification of technology transfer centers (Industry 4.0) defining the “requirements” and the “fields of technology.”

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