LNG to fuel a cheese dairy in Sardinia

A 60 m3 facility and a contract for fuel supply

20180208_2.jpgThe Argiolas Formaggi cheese dairy relies on LNG to fuel its production processes in Dolianova (Cagliari). In fact, the Sardinian company has granted a contract for the construction of an LNG facility and the subsequent fuel supply.
In particular, a 60 m3 cryogenic tank will be built for LNG storage that will fuel two steam furnaces (3,000 and 2,500 kW respectively) for cheese production. The facility will also be able to produce electricity through cogeneration, with an estimated LNG consumption of 350 tons per year increasing to 450 tons when cogeneration is initiated.
As reported in a note, LNG will help Argiolas Formaggi move away from BTZ to adopt a more sustainable fuel, both economically and environmentally.


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