Gas distribution installations, UNI reference practice

Compliance with requirements of standard 11632 of the supervising personnel

20180411_1.jpgThe Italian Organization for Standardization (UNI) has published the reference practice UNI/PdR 39:2018 “Recommendations for assessment of compliance with the requirements provided for by UNI11632:2016 - Profession of a specialist in charge of surveillance activities relating to natural gas distribution installations - knowledge, ability and competence requirements.”
A message explains that the document - a result of cooperation between UNI, Italian Gas Committee (Comitato Italiano Gas, CIG) and the Italian accreditation body (Accredia) - includes recommendations for compliance assessment of third parties with the requirements for professionals in charge of surveillance activities relating to installations distributing natural gas in order to ensure safety and efficiency as well as continuity of service, pursuant to the provisions of  the UNI standard 11632 of 2016.
The document also lays down recommendations for the procedure of qualifying the personnel employed in the companies which provide - on their or third parties’ behalf - the activities of surveillance on installations for gas fuels distribution.

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