LNG for ships, Balearia launched its first ferry

Built in Italy, at the shipbuilder Cantiere Navale Visentini.

20180411_2.jpgBalearia, one of the main ferry operators in the Iberian market, has announced launching its first LNG-fired ferry, named “Hypatia de Alejandria.”
A statement specifies that the launching is an important step in the vessel building process which ends the structural works and precedes installation of plants on board.
The ferry, one of the two that Balearia commissioned to the Italian shipbuilder Cantiere Navale Visentini, will start the connection service between the continental Spain and the Balearic Islands and Morocco in the beginning of 2019.
Baleraria will invest 200 million euros in both ships. Each of them will have the capacity for 810 people and 150 vehicles.
President Balearia, Adolfo Utor, underlined that LNG allows for a 30% cut on the emissions of CO2 and 85% of NOx as well as a reduction to zero of SO2 and particulate matter.


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10 April 2018 - 15:33 CEST