Efficiency, Basilicata’s financing

244 SMEs and 25 large-sized businesses based in the region accepted within the call for applications

20180413_1.jpgThe Region of Basilicata has released the results of the call for applications called last year, “Energy Efficiency of Businesses - Small- and Middle-Sized Enterprises.” “Facilities amounting to more than 27 m euros are currently being granted. They are intended for the implementation of 269 projects of energy efficiency and installation of renewable power plants, submitted by the companies based in Basilicata, including €50 m worth investments to be made throughout the region,” explains Councilor for the Region’s Development Policies, Roberto Cifarelli. A choice, he continues, “in favor of the energy sustainability and the abatement of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as an opportunity to improve production processes.”
Of 269 businesses that replied to the call for applications, financed from the ROP EFRD Basilicata 2014-2020 and the Pact for Basilicata CDF 2014-2020, 244 are SMEs and the remaining 25 are large-sized companies.


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