Enea: energy consumption up and prices down in 2017

Gas demand grew by 6%, CO2 emissions fell by 0.5%

20180416_3.jpgIn 2017 final consumption of energy increased (+1.3% compared to 2016, in line with a +1.5% of the GDP) and CO2 emissions diminished (-0.5%), owing to, above all the input of the sectors such as electricity generation (-5%) and transportation (-2.2%). This reads the usual analysis of the Italian energy system prepared by Enea. It points out to a growth in gas consumption (+6%, after +5% in 2016), an energy source which is clearly on top of the mix accounting for 36.5% with falling prices for all the consumption bands.
Oil dropped below 34% of the mix, due to a lower consumption (-1% and almost -10% compared to 10 years ago), whereas coal marked a double-digit fall for the second consecutive year (-12%, after -10% in 2016, with a 6% share in the mix). The renewables reached 19% in the energy mix, with an 8% increase in the “intermittent” sources (wind and solar power) which compensated for a significant fall in hydroelectric power (-14%).
The demand for energy increased by 2%, above all due to the weather conditions which entailed a considerable consumption growth in summer.


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13 April 2018 - 15:43 CEST