Biomethane, UNI standards on odorizing

Until May 23, four CIG drafts under preliminary examination

20180515_3.jpgThe expected biomethane development has driven the Italian Gas Committee (Comitato Italiano Gas, CIG) to draw up the new standard UNI/CT 112, which proposes 4 specific projects which aim to replace parts from 1 to 4 of UNI 7133 on odorizing of gas for domestic and similar use.
The revision, explains a message, “introduces an explicit definition of biomethane, considering this renewable source as one of the fuel gases in respect of which it is necessary to assess a degree of odorizing.”
In particular, the draft of UNI 1604620 provides the definitions of the most frequently used terms; UNI 1604621 defines the basic criteria for odorizing of fuel gases, the methods of determination of the odorant concentration, the control systems of the odor intensity and the degree of odorizing; UNI 1604622 establishes how to determine the olfactory properties of odorous fluids (check on the correct odorizing degree) by means of laboratory or on-site analyses; UNI 1604623 sets forth the olfactory properties of odorants as well as further requirements of compatibility with the materials used in the distribution networks.
Currently, the 4 projects are under a preliminary public examination that closes on May 23.


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