Biomethane, the stakeholders meet in Milan

The event aims to take the opportunities of the sector. The conference of LE2C, Region of Lombardy and RSE

20180517_1.jpgA conference “From Waste to Biomethane. Specific Trajectories for an Expanding Sector” was held in Milan on Monday, the 14th of May. It was organized by Lombardy's technological cluster LE2C, the Region of Lombardy and RSE with a view of linking up the stakeholders, the operators and the experts in order to bring the entire sector’s potential into focus.
“Production of biomethane from biogas is quite a simple operation which has different advantages,” underlined Luigi Mazzocchi, director of generation and materials department at RSE, “ the stumbling block is the cost: a cubic meter of biomethane cost twice as much as the wholesale price of natural gas” and “for this reason the incentives will be implemented so that they, along with the optimization of the biomass production chain, the adopting of the processes and the competition, will lead to the cost reduction and the expected market parity.”
“The discussion is crucial due to the involvement of different chains, apart from those of energy and environment, there are also those of agriculture, green chemistry and mobility,” explained in turn president of LE2C, Luca Donelli. He also pointed out that “along with the Region of Lombardy and RSE we have been able to analyze in depth three pillars of the sector's development: incentives, enabling provisions and technology.”
The participants of the event, at which also Luciano Barra from the MoED spoke, included Assogasmetano, CIB, CIC, ENI, Federmetano, Fiper, GSE and Snam.


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