Assosgasliquidi: significant LNG growth in 2017

The demand increased 50% up to 30,000 ton

20180611_3.jpgIn 2017 Italy's demand for LNG destined to motor vehicles reached 30,000 ton, which was 50% more than in 2016. These findings were presented in the annual assembly of Assogasliquidi-Federchimica (Liquefied Petroleum Gas National Association of Italy-National Federation of the Chemical Industry) held in Rome on Thursday. It was stated that the reason for such a growth was a considerable development of the entire infrastructure. Actually, there are 18 distribution plants of LNG for motor vehicles (tripled in the last 3 years) and 31 LNG deposits: 10 serving CNG distribution facilities, 19 off-grid users and 2 for the same number of isolated pipeline networks.
Francesco Franchi, confirmed for the next 3 years president of Assogasliquidi, called for “a coherent and stable legal framework to encourage businesses to invest in infrastructure for LNG development.” The growth in this source, stated Franchi, “must be accompanied and supported by adequate infrastructure, able to exploit and take advantage of the potential in terms of the environment and greater independence from energy supplies.”


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