Cybersecurity, the European Council approves new regulations

Permanent agency and product certification system, ICT services and processes

20180612_1.jpgTransformation of the present European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) in a permanent cybersecurity agency and introduction of an EU certification system of products, services and processes of information and communication technologies (ICT). These are the main points of the proposal for a regulation approved on Friday by the Telecommunications Council, which will constitute the position of the 28 in the negotiations with the Europarliament.
In particular, explains a message, the certification - that will be voluntary except for some specific cases - will allow the ICT operators to guarantee their products and services. As for the agency, the regulation confers ENISA a permanent mandate and specifies its role as an EU body in charge of cybersecurity. For this purpose, ENISA will have new cybersecurity-related tasks supporting the member states, the EU institutions and other stakeholders.
The agency will deal, among others, with organizing on a regular basis cybersecurity drills as well as the support and promotion of the European policy for cybersecrity certification. There will be also created a network of liaison officers that will facilitate sharing of information between ENISA and member states.

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