LNG: global demand +10% in 2017

19.5% growth in Europe, in Italy 30% up. The report of GIIGNL

20180614_1.jpgLast year the global demand for LNG increased by 9.9% vs. 2016, which was the highest increase since 2010. These findings come from the annual report of the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL), which in 2017 observed a demand for LNG of 289.8 m ton. It was 26.2 m ton more compared to the previous year.
A new LNG importing country (Malta) arrived at the scene, bringing the total to 40, whereas the exporting countries remained 19 but - thanks to the launch of 5 liquefaction trains and a floating terminal in Malaysia - in 2017 the liquefaction capacity went up by 7.3% to 365 m ton.
The regasification capacity increased by 2.4% to 850 m ton.
Last year the biggest global LNG demand (73%) was in Asia, which absorbed 211.2 m ton marking a 10.2% growth. The first importer remains Japan (83.5 m ton), followed by China (39 m ton).
However, the highest increase was observed in Europe, where the LNG demand driven by electricity generation reached 16.8 m ton. It was 19.5% more than in 2016. Italy exceeded United Kingdom by almost 30% amounting to 5.97 m ton, which made our country the fourth importer after Spain (+19.8% to 12.1 ml ton), France (+33.6% to 7.35 m ton) and Turkey (+34.3% to 7.35 m ton).


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