France debuts in power-to-gas

The first demo plant in the scope of the Grhyd initiative inaugurated

20180614_3.jpgOn Monday the Grhyd project partner inaugurated the first French power-to-gas facility located in Cappelle-la-Grande, in the vicinity of Dunkirk.
The project, considered strategic by the government of Paris which at the beginning of the month launched a hydrogen development plan, was initiated in 2014 by 11 entities, among others the French Agency for the Environment and Energy (ADEME), Cea and Cetiat research centers and companies Engie and Areva.
Grhyd, with a budget of 15 million euros, uses electricity from renewable sources to produce hydrogen which then is transmitted by the gas network.
6% of hydrogen blended into gas (the percentage will grow up to 20%) will fuel about a hundred of buildings of the area for an experimental period of 2 years. The goal is to validate technical and economic aspects of power-to-gas. According to ADEME, France has a potential to produce hydrogen from power-to-gas of 30 TWh a year to 2035.


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14 June 2018 - 18:55 CEST