MedReg, gas development in the Mediterranean

“Regulation key aspect of attracting investments.” Workshop in Lisbon

20180709_1.jpgConsidering “high potential” of the Mediterranean Region as future gas provider and geostrategic transit area, MedReg is reinforcing its commitment in this rapidly evolving sector. It is not a coincidence that the association of the region’s regulators organized in Lisbon on Wednesday, in the scope of its 25th general assembly, a workshop dedicated to the “Future of Gas in the Mediterranean Region,” attended by political decision makers and experts of international financial institutions, the regulators, transmission system operators (TSOs) and the industry.
The workshop, hosted by Portuguese energy regulator ERSE, served to exchange opinions on the current trends in the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond.
“The emerging countries have focused their gas market reforms on price competitiveness, respecting the balance between the supply and demand,” ensured senior gas expert at the IEA Jean Baptiste Dubreuil, warning however that such countries “must build the appropriate LNG infrastructure and thus the investments are crucial.”
In this respect, pointed out senior Oil&Gas expert of the World Bank Lex Huurdeman, “the regulators play a key role in attracting the investors in the gas infrastructure projects, ensuring a solid and predictable regulation.” Nonetheless, warned Huurdeman, “the regulatory framework is not the same across the Mediterranean,” as “some policies that work in the EU countries are not necessarily pertinent in other parts of the world.”


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