Public transportation, Verona aims at methane

ATV to renew the fleet with 25 new vehicles CityWide LF CNG

20180710_2.jpgAzienda Trasporti Verona (ATV) has renewed its vehicle assets by purchasing a fleet of methane-powered buses, among which are 25 new Scania CityWide LF CNG which will operate within the entire city area covered by the company.
It is about 280 CV, 12-meter long vehicles fueled with methane, specifies a message, underlining that they “are equipped with the best on-board accessories in terms of technology, safety standard and travel comfort, including the AVM system of geolocation and monitoring of the vehicles, audio announcements for bus stops and a boarding platform providing access to passengers with reduced mobility.”


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09 July 2018 - 12:33 CEST