Cañete: “EU emissions -45% by 2030”

The Commissioner opens the summit on the 2050 climate strategy. Meanwhile, the Europarliament deals with the proposals on governance, efficiency and RES

20180712_1.jpgThanks to the provisions on the Energy Union governance, efficiency and renewables – approved last month by the trilogue and on Tuesday by the joint Commissions for Energy (ITRE) and Environment (ENVI) of the Europarliament – “the EU can evaluate increasing of the 2030 emissions reduction target from the current 40% to over 45%.” Commissioner for Energy and Climate, Miguel Arias Cañete, said that when opening the high level conference of July 10-11 on the European long-term climate strategies.
In his speech, Cañete announced that the Commission would present the new 2050 strategy in November, before the COP 24 scheduled to take place in Katowice in December. The strategy will be also discussed in 2019 and then presented to the UNFCCC at the beginning of 2020 at the latest, said the Commissioner, specifying that “it will not be about a legislative proposal with binding targets by a course to accomplish ambitious objectives.”
As for the three Energy Package provisions, ENVI and ITRE gave the green light to the regulation on the governance with 88 votes in favor and 11 against, whereas ITRE alone approved the directives on the efficiency and renewables with 48 and 50 votes in favor and 8 and 7 against, respectively. Now the provisions will be passed on to the assembly in Strasbourg in October and then to the Council for the final adoption.


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