Gas measurement, new CIG standards

Control criteria for meters and metering tests
20181010_2.jpgThe Italian Organization for Standardization (UNI) put out for a preliminary public examination, closing on October 21, 2018, two drafts of standard elaborated by the Italian Gas Committee (Comitato Italiano Gas, CIG) that will replace UNI 10435:1995 and UNI 11003:2017.
In particular, UNI 1605148 establishes maintenance and control operations to be performed at intervals indicated by the manufacturer of devices and components, of combustion installations equipped with gas-fired blast burners, in order to ensure security and efficiency under normal conditions of operation.
In turn the draft of UNI 1605196 regards the criteria of verification of gas meters with a measurement pressure up to 0.07 bar, providing “an updated instrument being also coherent with the recent legislative developments in the metering sector.”
Again as regards measurement, there is the new standard UNI 11600-2 of CIG, entitled “ Operational methods for periodic and random metering tests – Part 2: Gas volumes conversion devices associated with gas meters.” The standard defines the requirements for the checks of the correct metering of volume conversion devices associated with gas meters.”


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