Waste, Milan aims at methane

AMSA to introduce 43 new GNC-fueled vehicles for separate waste collection 

The fleet of AMSA has 43 new vehicles powered with methane that are destined to separate waste collection. The A2A Group’s company based in Milan announced it on Tuesday, specifying that these are Iveco cars of a capacity of 10 m3 used mainly for the collection of organic and plastic waste.
Thus of 313 vehicles intended for separate waste collection in the city of Milan, 146 are now powered with methane. They account for 47% of the entire AMSA’s fleet for waste collection, underlines a message.
Investing in low environmental impact vehicles of AMSA is one of the goals of the Sustainability Plan of the A2A Group, which arise from the 2030 UN Agenda, reminds the message.
“The city is at a turning point in its pollution policies. For this reason, it is important that not only citizens, but also the city services use more sustainable vehicles,” declared Councilor for Mobility and Environment of the Municipality of Milan, Marco Granelli, whereas Managing Director of AMSA, Mauro De Cillis, announced that “in 2019, 30 new methane-fueled vehicles will be introduced into the company’s fleet” and by the end of the year, the enterprise will inaugurate a new methane filling station at the department at Olgettina street, which will be added to other two already operational facilities at Zama street and Silla street.


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