Climate, CDP: “PA and Italian companies on the right track”

“Nine out of ten have set precise and specific targets” The environmental impact report

20181012_1.jpgIn Italy 9 companies out of 10 have established precise and specific targets to reduce their emissions and 96% are revealing an approach of increasing environmental awareness, whereas 14 cities – among others, Milan, Venice and Napoles – have already emission reduction plans in place. These are the finding of the 2017 edition of the CDP report on environmental impact in Italy, on the basis of which the commitment to the environment is becoming ever more visible and a growing number of businesses and local and regional administrations are responding to the global challenges that involve the climate, water resources and deforestation.
The report, presented in La Spezia a few days ago in the course of an event co-organized by the UNFCC secretariat and the Ministry of the Environment, examines data of 48 biggest Italian enterprises exercising the highest environmental impact, as well as data from 25 cities and regions which together represent around 40 million of citizens.
“Italian companies have made a great progress on accelerating the climate change action,” commented Managing Director of CDP Europe, Steven Tebbe, who also said that “the companies are aware of the risks that the climate change entail, but they must set ambitious goals to act with the required speed and at the necessary level.”


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