France, single gas transmission system rolled out

From November 1, Teréga and GRTgaz merged the North and South market areas.

20181107_1.jpgFrom November 1, 2018 French gas network operators, Teréga (Snam 40.5%) and GRTgaz (Engie 75%), merged two market areas which until then divided the gas system in France.
The new single market area, named Trading Region France (TRF), has two balancing perimeters (one for Teréga and one for GRTgaz) but only one gas trading point (PEG). The project, underlines a joint message, entailed investments for building and adjustment of transmission infrastructure totaling 872 million euros, of which €720 m were allocated by GRTgaz and €152 m by Teréga.
The single market areas, point out both TSOs, will facilitate access to the most competitive gas sources and will reduce the price volatility, to the advantage of consumers. Moreover, the network congestion risks have been reduced, whereas the supply security has been reinforced.

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06 November 2018 - 09:01 CET