Baleària, the second LNG ferry hits the water

Meanwhile, works for conversion to gas of ferry Nápoles start

mare.jpgBaleària is determined to aim at gas in order to reduce its fleet’s emissions. On Tuesday, the Spanish shipping line actually announced that ferry Marie Curie hit the water at the Italian shipyard Visentini, whereas its twin Hypatía de Alejandría had already done this operation. It is close to completing construction and is planned to run sea trials.
Hypatía, informs a message, is scheduled to start operations at the beginning of next year, with Marie Curie – which has exceeded the 50 percent construction mark – to follow a few months after.
Besides the two new ferries, which entailed investing around 200 million euros, Baleària also focuses on converting to LNG of the vessels already in service. For this purpose, the company has announced launching reconversion works at the shipyard Gibdock of Gibraltar. They concern ferry Nápoles: by February 15 next year, both present engines Man 9L48/60 will be replaced with two engines 9L51/60DF dual fuel LNG/gasoline of Man Energy Solutions; moreover, an LNG tank of 440 m3 will be installed to provide the ferry a range of 1,200 miles.
The conversion cost 12 million euros, of which 20% is financed from the European funds of the programme Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).


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