EU ETS, free allocations under consultation

Implementation of measures for carbon leakage

scale.jpgTo determine the measures set forth by the new ETS directive on free allocations. This is the aim of two delegated acts that should be prepared by the European Commission and on the basis of DG Climate has now launched a consultation.
The EU's executive branch reminds that also the new ETS directive, entered into force last April, in the period of 2021-2030 provides free allocation of ETS allowances at the risk of relocation. However, such allocations will have to be periodically revised to check if other main global economies, implementing the agreement of Paris, have introduce environmental measures able to mitigate the carbon leakage risk in Europe.
In addition, the new ETS directive provides that the number of free allocations assigned to each facility could change in case its average production increases or diminishes by over 15% in a two-year period. In such a case the Commission will have to adopt the relevant acts.
The delegated acts will also include the indications on the collection of emissions data from around 11,000 industrial plants involved in ETS in order to determine the future allocations and update the benchmarks, the monitoring rules and the collection of data on production levels.
The consultation closes on February 22, 2019.


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