Gas pipelines, investment decision of the Baltic Pipe

TSOs of Poland (Gaz-System) and Denmark (Energinet) to build 900 km of conduits, operational as of 2022

contatore.jpgThe gas pipeline system of the Baltic Sea, by means of which Denmark will transmit Norwegian gas to Poland and other countries of the region, will enter into service in October 2022. On Friday, transmission network operators of Poland Gaz-System and Denmark Energinet actually announced the final investment decision for the project which envisages building 900 km of conduits offshore and onshore the territories of Denmark, Sweden and Poland.
Energinet and Gaz-System, informs a message, also agreed the general principles that will govern the management of infrastructure and the compression station located in Denmark.
“This new gas interconnection will strengthen and integrate further the European gas market, contributing also to the accomplishment of the EU climate targets,” commented Chief Executive Officer of Energinet, Thomas Egebo, reminding that Danish TSO had already signed an agreement for the Baltic Pipe with its Norwegian counterpart Gassco.


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03 December 2018 - 15:33 CET