Biometano Day, in Tortona on March 21

Annual event for renewable gas sector

Thursday, March 21, at the Scientific and Technology Park of Rivalta Scrivia, near Tortona (Alessandria), are the time and venue of the 2019 edition of the Biometano Day, an annual event of the biogas/biomethane sector that involves the segments of raw materials, agricultural byproducts, organic fraction of waste, production and refining technologies, injection into the network and use in mobility.
The Biomethane Day, explains a message, will be as usual “an occasion for a state-of-the-art revision of legislation on bioenergy, as well as technological solutions and economic prospects of production and distribution chains related to biogas/biomethane.”
The speakers are expected to attend the event Piero Mattirolo (Agroenergia), Stefano Franciosi (Federmetano), Giovanni Angius (Snam), Franco Del Manso (UP) and Luciano Barra (MoED).

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