Circular economy, events in Tuscany and the Marches

In Prato the first festival, and in Ancona a wrap-up with “Closing the Loop”

scale.jpgEuropean platforms of eco-sustainable sharing, EU initiative Industry Days, industry and entrepreneurs’ challenges towards sustainability, digitalization, higher investment rate and globalization. These are the main issues discussed on Friday, March 8 in Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona during “Closing the Loop,” and event promoting circular economy in the Marches.
The event – organized by the Region of Marche, Marche Innovazione, Fondazione Cluster Marche and Eurocube – had the aim to promote and present the respective regional policies and incentives planned for circular production and distribution chains as well as industrial projects of recovery and recycling and extend the product life cycle.
Circular economy is also at the heart of “Festival Recò,” is the first festival in Tuscany scheduled to take place in Prato on March 21-24, which will feature concerts, theater and events throughout the city. The key topics will be tourism, architecture, fashion and food.

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