Circular economy, the role of standardization

CEN and CENELEC at the EU Industry Days 2019. The example of ecodesign

contatore.jpgWhat is the role of regulatory standards in ensuring a transition towards an efficient but also as inclusive as possible circular economy? CEN and CENELEC answered the question to a group of representatives of businesses, political decision makers and experts that met at the EU Industry Days 2019 held in Brussels last month.
In further detail, CEN and CENELEC attended a seminar “Industry in Europe: what civil society has to say,” which covered specific examples of how European civil society can contribute to the determination of a long-term and sustainable industry policy encompassing the sectors such as digitalization, artificial intelligence and circular economy.
Both entities emphasized the crucial role of standardization in the efficient implementation of the EU Circular Economy Strategy. For instance, in the standards on ecodesign, CEN and CENELEC backed the European Commission by including the requirements for efficiency of materials and the ongoing preparation of 8 harmonized standards.


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