Dunkerque LNG aims at LNG transport

Two filling stations for ships and tanker trucks under construction at the French terminal

mare.jpgDunkerque LNG, a subsidiary of Fluxys and owner of a regasification terminal of the same name located in Northern France, has started to build two filling stations of LNG as fuel for ships and trucks.
The project, which will entail investing 50 million euros, includes one station that will refuel with LNG 3,000 tanker trucks a year (with the possibility of tripling this amount). The vehicles in turn will transport liquefied gas to vessels and possibly to industrial sites. The second station will refuel the vessels directly.
“Environmental regulations introduced in some ports, above all in Europe, require reducing contamination and gas, in particular liquefied gas, is a key resource in this respect,” explained to portal “France Bleu” President of Dunkerque LNG, Béatrice Prud’homme.


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14 March 2019 - 15:54 CET