Biomethane, new V8 engine for energy production

Initiative of Scania which also receives a huge order in Germany: 100 LNG-fueled trucks

A propulsion for electricity production, fueled with biomethane from organic waste that ensures a 90% reduction in the CO2 emissions compared to an equivalent diesel fuel generator. It is the new 16-liter engine V8 presented by Scania, able to develop a capacity of 320 kW for continuous use.
Biomethane used for testing, called “Scania OC16,” is produced from gas obtained in the process of decomposition of organic matter, such as manure, sewage sludge and food waste, specifies a message.
Scania has also announced to have received a huge order for the supply of one hundred R 410 trucks fueled with LNG from German KP Logistik, which will use the vehicles in its logistic centers in Stavenhagen and Wustermark, near Berlin.
“KP Logistik will reduce its emissions by 90% compared to equivalent diesel trucks if we use biomethane,” underlined the company’s Managing Director, David Brokholm, reminding that in Germany heavy duty vehicles powered with LNG benefit from the road toll exemption.

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