Mobility, hydrogen bike arrives

Presented by Enea: range up to 150 km

A rechargeable hydrogen-powered zero emissions bicycle that combines the battery of the electrical engine with a 100 W hydrogen fuel cell placed in the traveling case. This is E-Bike H2FC by Enea, a prototype presented at E-Parade in Rome. It can reach a speed of 25 km/h with a range of up to100 km, which is twice as much as regular e-bikes thanks to a small low-pressure hydrogen cylinder able to ensure refueling in 5 minutes.
With a second cylinder of the same capacity (20-30 grams), the bike could reach a range of 150 km, underlines a message.
E-Bike H2FC was created by Atena, a hi-tech cluster in the sectors of environment and energy which brings together businesses, universities and research centers for sustainable development, among others, Enea.
Enea, reminds the message, has conducted research on hydrogen and fuel cells for years, with the aim of contributing to the development of innovative technologies for the conversion and accumulation of energy able to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the sectors of distributed generation and transportation.


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